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Curious to see how much he charged and exactly what his lessons were all about I logged onto his web site http://www.indepthfishinglessons.com and sent an e-mail inquiring into the class on In Depth Fishing Lessons. I won’t tell how much he charged as I considered it a bargain for the wealth of information provided over a two day period and I am sure once he is established it will most definitely go up in price. Just think about it! Have a sit down meal prepared in his log cabin home on the lake, fish two full days of fishing and get to ask him any question you’ve always wanted to know from a true professional bass fishing legend. Well just read how the two days went from my perspective.

After a few e-mails on determining a good date for both of us due to his tour and my work schedule we settled on mid November. As usual at this time of year it is always difficult to pick the best days for weather to go fishing and coincidentally it was not the best due to forecasted rains, cold front and tornados. Paul called me early the day before I was ready to leave and wanted to know if I wanted to push the lessons back a day as the weather didn’t look good, but that he was used to cold weather and rain if I still wanted to stick to schedule. I told him that I had to be back by Friday and I had been watching the national weather report for his area which was predicting cold weather, 80% chance of rain with the potential for a tornado watch. I said I was prepared for the worst and we would fish if possible and discuss other aspects inside if necessary, so I made the 6 hour trip from Southwest Louisiana to Laurel Mississippi.

That evening I arrived around 5 pm in the rain to his log cabin home on the lake where he baked a great tasting seasoned stuffed chicken with large potato. We discussed many different issues with fishing and the weather for a few hours, watch a few fishing tapes he had filmed, received some additional information not filmed and listened to the bad weather blow through. The following morning was your usual cold front coming through with lots of rain on and off with a gradual drop in temperature. Even with a few tornados setting down in the nearby county the weather was accommodating enough for some early morning cold front bass fishing. Immediately that morning after a few casts with deep diving crank baits the big bite was on as you can see by the picture of two Largemouth bass weighing nearly 9 lbs one taken on deep diving crank bait and another on a swim bait. As the weather changed Paul continued teaching me different techniques of deep water structure fishing with heavy spinner baits, jigs and swim baits walking through brush along with finessing a drop shot rig. Later we continued by checking a few coves to see if the weather would cause the shad to migrate back into the coves, but not yet, so we fished more on the main lake in deep water. That evening he prepared some great tasting pork chop steaks and bake potatoes. The evening continued as we discussed more about techniques and some different knots for top water fishing. The following morning the weather was really setting in for the first good cold front this year, but the big bite was back on again early in the morning. As you can see I caught another Largemouth bass weighing 8-14 and Paul caught one weighing 8-15 and another around 6 lbs. (NOTE: The date was actually 11-15-06 and 11-16-06 as I forgot to set the date on camera and it defaulted to original manufacturing date)

Paul was a perfect teacher/host and at the end on two full days I can honestly say and endorse Paul’s unique one on one class that it was some of the best money on fishing that I have ever spent even with the poor weather conditions. I plan to tell everyone about his unique class and intend to go back some day during a different season to learn more.

See some of the pictures for accommodations and host catching the big one.

Thank You and Have a Great Day!

Robert J. Chandler Jr.
Pipeline Engineer
Global Industries, Ltd.

Jake Lands 7.7 Largemouth Fishing with Paul


Paul, Wanted to drop you a line and again thank you for the great time Lance and I had. The time spent with you on the electronics was amazing,but the real deal was when we put that knowledge and applied it out on the water on Friday.We guessed our best 5 would of been in the 42 lb range, with both of us catching our personal best fish of our lifes.We had 2 over 10 and 1 around 9 from your lake. We are getting ready to start into the Everstart series this year and your class will definitely help us out.

Thanks again, Frank

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